Search Engine Optimization is the process of building credibility with the search engines to convince them you are relevant for certain searches, in defined geographic areas. There are many factors that are considered within SEO, but having a transparent partner is paramount. SEO does take time to gain traction, but there are demonstrable components that can be presented every step of the way. We pride ourselves on having that transparency and open line of communication with our clients to assure them that our initial strategy is being executed and they are well on their way to generating more organic leads!

On-Page SEO

You can use on-page SEO to reach 50% of potential customers and set yourself apart from the competition. As traditional roofing companies rely on legacy marketing tactics - business cards, handshake agreements, print advertising, etc. You have an opportunity to capitalize by using modern methods like blogging or social media which will make your roofing business not only more visible but also promote increased traffic! Ascend Digital Agency has been creating and implementing on-page SEO services for many clients. We ensure that our clients demands are satisfied by offering the finest possible solution that is flexible enough to handle any future changes in your brand's evolution or future trends.

Keyword Research

In a world where consumers can be swayed by the click of their mouse, keyword research is essential to both find and rank well for high traffic opportunities while avoiding irrelevant keywords. The right keywords will drive more visitors towards your website which means greater sales in return! You might think that doing some quick search engine optimization (SEO) would do the trick but it’s all about finding out what are people searching on Google or any other major search engine around you. The Ascend Keyword Researchers understand how to use these keywords to give you an insight into who may avail services from you.

Link Building

The internet has evolved into a place where both consumers and companies benefit from the use of web standards. Some individuals look to black hat link building tactics for personal gain, but this can be detrimental as these techniques may get caught by search engines. Avoiding black hat link building tactics can help your site avoid the negative consequences of employing shady SEO practices. Instead, Ascend SEO practises adhere to guidelines established by search engine companies like Google or Bing in order to receive a higher rank on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Not only do we craft custom SEO strategies tailored specifically to your needs, but also create an internal wireframe linking strategy so you can take full advantage of our work!

Local SEO

If you want to be found by potential customers near your business, then it's essential that you invest in Local SEO. 83% of people will choose the competition over yours if they don't see a presence for your roofing company within their favorite search engine. Our team at Ascend Digital Agency has helped clients rank on page one and two with Local SEO services because we know what works! Don't wait any longer to make sure someone else doesn't steal all those prospective cleints away from just down the street - contact our expert today!

Google Business Profile Optimization

It's important to make sure your business is found when people search online. That means you need a good Google Business Profile Page, and it also helps if they can find reviews for you on various sites (including yours!). There are many little-known features that let local businesses boost their SEO marketing efforts and get more traffic! One of our services at Ascend Digital Agency is helping roofing businesses like you get the best possible SEO from Google Maps and Search engine results pages (SERPs). We do this by not only making sure your information is correct but also optimizing your Google Business Profile listing to maximize visibility in these two places with one-time optimization projects that are designed for long-term success.

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