Search Engine Marketing has proven to be an effective means of acquiring customers, quickly. Unlike SEO, which takes some time to generate traffic, SEM is more of an immediate customer acquisition tool. This is the case, only when structured correctly. If not set up correctly and monitored consistently, you can generate a lot of web traffic, with little to no leads. This is where Ascend Digital Pay Per Click Content Marketing Services will be of utmost importance in ensuring that your digital presence generates the highest ROI.

PPC Audit And Keyword Research

Regular PPC audits are essential for top-notch digital marketing accounts. Ascend PPC Audits allow roofing businesses to identify problems with their campaign right away so adjustments can be made accordingly as soon as possible before spending more money needlessly. This way you will know what's working well (and not) which provide insight into how best to allocate budgets moving forward while ensuring performance remains consistent.

Google Ad Services

Are you planning to use paid search advertising to generate more leads for your roofing business? With Google Ads, you can target your customers in the most relevant and specific way. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune an existing campaign or starting from scratch and need a complete setup for managing every aspect of your ad campaign on Google Adwords, Our experts at Ascend Digital Agency will be happy to help.

Geofencing And Local Service Ads

The power of the internet is changing how people shop and find services. For local businesses, being in front of customers with an ad can make a huge difference between success or failure. Google offers Local Service Ads that show up at the top for queries about your specific service needs; these ads are meant to be more effective than traditional paid search because they generate leads rather than clicks. Precision is critical for digital advertising campaigns. We target custom audiences and locations with pinpoint accuracy to generate the best ROI on our ad spend, as geofencing technology allows us to do so.

Advanced Audience Targeting & Optimization

It’s true that paid search is becoming more expensive and competitive. When new entrants make their way into space, they often find it difficult to get results from PPC campaigns as Google will recommend ones based on historical data. That said, Ascend Digital Agency has opted for a different approach: investing in social ads instead of simply relying on Facebook advertising or Twitter pay-per-click (PPC). This allows us to tap one of some great benefits offered by both LinkedIn and Google AdWords. The advanced targeting options combined with intent-focused searches where we can focus specifically around specific audiences like target location or job title


Fed up with 2-3 leads from your website? Or interested in a remarketing campaign for your roofing business? It’s common that an online user will visit multiple websites before hiring one. Investing in remarketing and retargeting is a way to bring back potential customers and turn them into leads by targeting hyper-specific ads at their browsing habits. For those who are not sure about the effectiveness of their current PPC campaigns, Ascend Digital Agency will take a look at your past performance and offer advice on how to improve for the future. Whether you’re hiring us solely for retargeted ads or want paid search management as well, we handle all aspects from keyword discovery to bid optimization; ad design creation through landing page optimizations- everything is handled by one company! And each month we report back with results so that you can measure improvement over time

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