Reputation Acceleration

Your reputation is comprised of many different factors. Ascend Digital Agency’s perspective is that we want to do anything and everything to accelerate building your brand and reputation. It is because of this that we rolled out our reputation acceleration! Increase your visibility, get more reviews, more referrals and steer that customer journey down your path of choice!

Review Automation

For years, our clients have asked us how to get more reviews? Many tell us they get excellent feedback from a customer, and they say they will leave a review, but it never comes through… Sound familiar?

Our review automation allows you to effortlessly reach out to all your customers via text and email, the moment you change their disposition in your CRM. With texting you typically see a much higher level of engagement, especially when the message is sent to the customer while your brand is still top of mind!

What does all this mean? MORE REVIEWS FOR YOU!

Rocket Fuel for Your Local SEO

Ranking higher in maps and local search, will increase the likelihood that your customers will find you! Our listings management software will ensure that your listings are found and accurate on as many platforms as possible.


We want our clients to provide their customers and web visitors with an unmatched customer experience. Webchat fosters a journey that is in line with that ideal. When implementing webchat, we can address as many FAQ’s as we would like to make sure that your customers have instant access to the information that they need.

Their inquiries will also be synced to your ONEmessage inbox, so that you can answer any other questions they may have!


Move all of your DM’s to one place. Seamlessly respond to messages from different platforms in one place in our ONEmessage inbox.

Want More Word of Mouth?

Increase your word of mouth by turning your previous customers into your biggest brand ambassadors! Our referral automation feature allows you to assign a unique link to all your customers for them to share to social, text or send directly to other parties! Let’s make it simple for them to scream from the rooftop about how great you are!

Review Distribution

Getting reviews on one platform is fantastic, but why not share that review with your audience on others? Now you can! With Ascend Digital Agency’s review cross-post technology, your review can automatically be posted to multiple platforms! Let’s show everyone why you are the easy choice for their roofing project!

Landline Text Enabling

Texting is the preferred medium to communicate information for many folks these days. If you have a landline, you may be missing out many customer inquiries. No worries! We will convert your landline to a text enabled number and make sure your customers are able to reach you! You can also respond directly from your ONEmessage inbox!

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