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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? (Spoiler Alert: A lot More!) It’s no secret that video can be incredibly compelling and a huge asset to a marketing strategy. Making video contextually relevant is where a lot of folks miss the mark. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is always a wise decision that will benefit both your customers and your wallet.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet, second only to Google as a search engine, and second to Facebook in social media. Roofing companies that use YouTube to their fullest potential can turn their channel into an effective marketing tool with endless possibilities and leads. The team of Ascend Youtube Marketing has been pioneering cutting-edge video marketing strategies. From identifying the ideal content to the distribution of your youtube videos, the scope of what we can accomplish is matched only by our expertise.


Before you can begin to film, you need a solid plan of action. From determining your marketing goals to deciding on what content is most relevant for customers and how best to tell that story, every step along the way should be carefully planned out. When you partner with Ascend, your project will be handled by Ascend’s pre-production experts who know the ins and outs of effective communication. We’ll handle the research, script development, storyboarding, graphic design, shooting, editing, and post-production aspects of video production ensuring that your marketing or storytelling campaign is cohesive from beginning to end.

On-Site Shooting

Whether it's a day-long event, one shoot, or multi-day coverage we'll provide professional services and equipment to film your next conference. Our team goes where you need us: whether that be on location for an upcoming keynote address, at the latest industry expo you plan to attend, or simply covering all of those big moments in between with our video production company providing full-service videography from start - finish; including capturing all sound bites and interviewing speakers during breaks.

Video SEO

Video production and optimization is the perfect marriage of creativity with SEO. Every year, Google gets better at parsing video content and providing excellent search engine results pages (SERPs). Today's your competitors know that if they want to get ahead on social media networks or in organic searches, then a full-service approach to both creative brilliance and SEO expertise will be necessary. Ascend Digital Agency delivers the ultimate balance between these two powerful forces: dazzling video marketing combined with tremendous knowledge about how best to optimize for exposure through various channels like YouTube or Facebook.

Editing And Post-Production

Video Editing And Post-Production are the key tools for turning a corporate video into a powerful marketing tool. According to NIELSEN Wire, 36% of online consumers trust videos over all other formats, which is why an investment in editing is fundamental to your success. Through combined creative and technical expertise, smart editing can make the difference between an average online presence and a standout campaign

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