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Many people spend on average 142 minutes daily on Social Media (Including your customers) Leveraging these platforms to brand your company and acquire leads is a no-brainer. Whether deploying an ad campaign at the time a storm hits or retargeting retail customers that were driven to your site through SEM, Social Media is an effective “tool in the bag”. Ascend Social Media Marketing will help you reach your target audiences rapidly and profitably.


Facebook is the number one social media channel for roofing companies and for good reason. Not only do 67% of marketers see Facebook as the most important social media channel, but over 2.4 billion people log in to the site every month. That means that if you're not already advertising on Facebook, there's a very good chance that your competitors are — and they've probably been using it longer than you. Lucky for you, you've got Ascend Digital Agency behind you — we've got some of the best Facebook advertising experts, and we're ready to prove it with an audit.

Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin Marketing

Social media is a powerful platform for your roofing businesses. Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the biggest social media platforms, with a host of other channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, and Pinterest and more than five million new posts published every day. In fact, according to research, 40% of American adults internet users including your clients, use Instagram 51%; use Twitter, and 52% use LinkedIn.

If you've ever experienced a lack of social media ROI and found yourself working with multiple agencies instead of a single one, Ascend Digital Agency is the answer you've been looking for. We are a social media agency that focuses on getting your brand ahead in the digital space. No longer will you have to jump from one platform to another; we deliver results for every platform available.

Social Media Consulting

When you need to expand your roofing business's reach, it can be difficult and time-consuming. But social media has made this possible with very little effort! With help from our team of experts in the field, we make sure that not only are you able to share whatever content is relevant for your roofing services but also have a voice on all different platforms available today.

Your overhead costs will decrease with Ascend Social Media Consulting because instead of taking up hours every week managing what needs to go where and when on Facebook or Twitter posts, now takes just minutes thanks to our consultants!

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media advertising is more than a fad it's a way for brands to cut through the noise. It has become the new standard for roofing companies to promote their services. With so many people on social media networks, it is becoming more difficult to get your roofing business to be seen by all of them; but luckily there are ways! You can use paid ads to reach out beyond just those who follow you! When planning a campaign with different objectives in mind like increasing awareness, brand reputation, and leads, however, not just one network will work best- so be sure not only to consider Facebook as an option since it’s used daily by over 1/6th of online users. These five reasons why using social media paid advertising might help make your marketing goals easier:

  • One out of every six minutes spent online is spent on Facebook.
  • 70% of customers expect brands to be active on social media.
  • For product updates, 74% of Twitter users follow small firms.
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds in the United States than any cable network.
  • Pinterest has been used by 93 percent of pinners to plan a future purchase.

Social Media Lead Generation

The importance of social media in lead generation can seem obvious, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of social platforms and their ever-changing algorithms especially if your goal is to drive actual business results. Ascend Digital Agency knows how to integrate it into your outbound lead generation techniques. Our campaigns are more than broad concepts like “engagement” or “brand awareness” they can produce new business leads.

Brand Awareness

Branding companies are worth their weight in gold thanks to the ways they can elevate any company’s business with just one press of a button. Brand awareness is absolutely vital for expanding your brand and business, while Ascend Digital Agency offers you top-notch tools that will not only help connect all clients easily but also create an identifiable presence across numerous social media platforms which means more exposure to potential customers as soon as possible.

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