Communication With Your Roof Marketing Company

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Communication With Your Roof Marketing Company
Have you ever hired a roof marketing company? If so, how was your experience? Many prospective clients that inquire regarding marketing, have had one, or more bad experiences with previous marketing agencies. Typically, there are a multitude of reasons for this, but one consistent trend is a lack of communication.

How Frequently Should You Speak With Your Roof Marketing Company?

This is a question that does not have a right or wrong answer. Here is what we can say with confidence, it is impossible to over communicate. When you are hiring a digital marketing agency, you are investing money and time into growth. This is done through developing an increased presence on Google, Social Media etc… By virtue of getting more exposure, you will get more traffic and leads. The more that your digital marketing agency is in tune with the inner-workings of your company, the better equipped they will be to help facilitate that growth.

Shaping the Experience of Your Prospective Clients

When you are presenting your company to your target market, you want to be sure that your brand is being perceived in the best light possible. How do you accomplish this?

Quality Photos - In the absence of having high resolution, brand specific photos, it is common practice for marketing agencies to use stock images. While stock photography will “suffice” you want to take every opportunity to build credibility with your audience. Having on brand photos will certainly help accomplish this.
  1. Take before photos of each project
  2. Take production photos
  3. Take finish photos
  4. Team Photos - Use these for an “About Us” ot “Our Team” page
  5. Photos of wrapped vehicles
  6. Photos of your showroom

Quality Videos - They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Photos are great, videos are better. Photos are more likely to grab the attention of your audience than text only, and videos are more likely to grab and hold their attention, than photos. There is also a benefit in the context of algorithms to leveraging video content.
  1. Use videos of roof inspections
  2. Shoot DIY roofing content
  3. Shoot a video of a customer testimonial
  4. Video of Production

If you do not have the capacity to shoot or edit video content on a consistent basis, there are some great companies that can help with that. We recommend checking out Just Share Media
Having a marketing agency that will help hold you accountable and ensure that these assets are in place can be incredibly helpful. From there, it is communicating regarding the strategy to deploy these assets for maximum exposure. This includes but is not limited to, on your website, Social Media, Google Business Profile, YouTube channel etc…

Adding Services & Locations

As clients continue to grow, they are more likely to add services and locations to their marketing campaign. Having discussions with your marketing team about these changes is imperative. From there, you should work together to create content and raise awareness of these changes within the company. At minimum, adding a page of content to your website and posting about it on social media. Ideally, you would work this into your organic growth strategy, target these services or areas in your ad campaigns and make video content to deploy on your company Youtube channel. If you do not have a YouTube channel for your company, click here for instructions on how to do so.

Regular Discussions About Campaign Performance

If you are investing in marketing and branding your company, we recommend consistently taking time to discuss the performance of your marketing campaign with your marketing agency. Automated reports are great to reference, but having conversations about where you are winning and opportunities for improvement is beneficial. This will allow you to have a more intimate understanding of what is being done and increase accountability.

Commit to Meetings

Just like anything else with your roofing company, we recommend forming a process to ensure this communication takes place. Commit to a schedule weekly, or monthly, to have these conversations and the likelihood of your campaign being effective will increase significantly.

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