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Seven Reasons Why Your Contracting Business Must Have Its Own Website

MikeMedia April 14, 2021

Are you missing out on online customers?

A contracting business website is the key to success for any company in this competitive industry.  97% of people go online to search for answers before they make a decision about purchasing a local product or service. Every single day, people in your neighborhood are heading to the internet to find everything from information on local services offered by businesses near them, reviews written by other customers like themselves. And if you don’t have an easy-to-find website that looks good with all these things? You’re missing out on the opportunity.  For example, many roofers saw an average 34% increase in revenue after building a website for their business, which just goes to show how essential it is for your business succeed online! That being said, if you’re eyeing on establishing your contracting business start with making sure you have a online presence. A functional and user-friendly website should be the first step. Here’s why:   Establishes Credibility – Developing a user-friendly website is an important aspect when it comes to marketing your company and connecting with leads. Prospects searching for roofing services or supplies are more likely to click on companies that have high credibility, as they can find their “About Us” page in addition to other information about the business, products, and services offered. As such developing a web design that has professional aspects will help you stay ahead of competition while giving customers peace of mind knowing they came across reliable professionals.   Provides Convenience – These days, customers prefer to search for companies online before they call them. They check and compare prices, products, and services first on the internet–a mobile-friendly website is a good way of providing valuable information you can offer your customer right away. Business owners have total control over what’s included in their site as well; it means that when looking for something specific like roofing materials or finding out how much insurance will cost this year – all you need do is enter these details into your phone!   Boost Online Presence – Aside from creating a professional-looking website and ranking on the first page, there are other ways you can scale your business through a website. If you search for your favorite companies, you’ll notice their websites undeniably have a “BLOG” section. Blog marketing or content marketing is another way of increasing awareness. Apart from that, releasing valuable blogs means more customers will likely be inclined to your brand especially if they constantly provide excellent content which in turn leads to online presence as well!   Showcase Your Work – In order to stay competitive, the construction industry must find ways of showcasing their work. Websites are one way that they can do this by giving potential customers a better idea about what your company has done for others in the past. One thing many people don’t realize is how important it is to have an attractive website as part of any business strategy – even if you’re not selling anything! You’ll want to showcase all aspects of your project and give viewers who might be on another site while checking out pictures or equipment information some insight into why they should use you instead.   Build an Email List – You don’t need a website to have an email address. And you might even collect emails from customers by hand. But having a website makes it easier and faster for people who want to find your business online – so creating a website which users can trust and then use it build your list of potential buyers.   Effective Marketing – A good website lays the foundation for successful marketing. When you make it easy for prospects to connect with you, your visibility and public profile can increase which in turn helps build a base of contacts that will come into play when future outreach is needed.   Source for Online Reviews – One web design element that can increase conversions is by putting social proof on your website. Social proof, such as testimonials, case studies or customer reviews are extremely useful to help customers gauge what kind of business ethics you have. And did you know 72% percent of people read online reviews before they commit? Overall this has a huge impact on the decisions made by your potential clients.   Building a website for your contracting business doesn’t need to be complicated, and it can level the playing field between large contractors that have big marketing budgets. Ascend Digital Experts is here to help you with all of this hassle-free! With proper care and maintenance put forth by top web design companies like ours, your contracting business should generate plenty of leads that help grow any company effectively. 

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